Tuesday, 28 October 2014

in the development stage

I have had these bangles - bought 50 in a little case - for some time. I opened a few up and used them for hinges on a design board when I did my City and Guilds.

The idea for the rest was to use them to make some sort of decoration. I tried stitching through water soluble film to make a snowflake inside. The points attached to the bangle. I tried several and managed one that I wasn't too ashamed of.

Fast forward to last year. I thought about beading onto the bangle in a similar way to the O rings I recently did. You can see the results here. It was just a bit too time consuming to do one a day, especially in December.

So, this week I am back to trying something with them. I started with one on Sunday evening and then worked with it further yesterday. I am pretty happy with the result. I decided to work on them a bit at a time and they will be possible Christmas presents.

So...no sneak peeks because some recipients read this blog! I am not sure how many I can manage. But we will see. I have enough to make about 10 for now and then 2 lots of 30 for the possible future when I eventually find a more time effective use for them. (Well, they could be bangles, but that would be too easy!)

Actually, I like the design made by the lines in the photo! Perhaps a future thermofax design?

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