Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Sketchbook 2014 - finished and posted

It took me a bit longer to finish the Sketchbook to send to the Brooklyn Art Library, but it is done. And I have posted it!

So a photo today of the front cover.
the little guy was from a scrap of fabric from an experimental session with Margaret Cooter years ago to try to learn how to screen print fabric. He has been tossing around here and there in boxes and cupboards for quite some time. So, it was time for him to come out and play. No relation to the topic, but makes the cover more interesting.
 (I decided not to chance messing the barcode up again this year!)

And a sneak peak of the first page.
Full Stop

Then I will show the other pages over the rest of the week. They may all be rather fuzzy like this one. I hope not! But I was rushing to get a record of it before I sent it off.

As you can see, I changed my plan. Instead of stitching into the fused pages. I went a step further from letters. (Last year was Letters and I am also involved with A Letter A Week.) I have cut punctuation marks and symbols free hand from a variety of fused fabrics and fused them into place on the pages. The only writing is labelling each particular symbol.

It is quite interesting and gives me the idea of exploring these further, mainly because they look quite different when not in context. It would be interesting to develop them into design motifs as well.

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Gill said...

I love the green!
Looking forward to seeing more!!