Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Postcards 33

Another funny little scrap. Now on a postcard and on its way.

This scrap looked like a strange elephant.

I always have been able to see something in shapes...like the idea of looking for shapes in clouds. Carla Sonheim does a lot of that by finding imaginary animals in strange patches of torn posters on lamp posts or cracks in the pavement. She has a book called Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals: A Mixed-Media Workshop. That and other books can be found here.

You can get her newsletter where she sends a photo of cracks and you send in your found 'blobimal'. She is doing an online class a Year of Fairy Tales for 2014.

Lots of links. Lots to see!

I might be a bit patchy this week. I am trying to cope with a bit too much pain, so anything I get done this week will be a plus. Things may have to be crossed off the to do list.
But hopefully it is just a flare up, and I shall be at coping level again in a few days.

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Gill said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Sandy!!