Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Gifted work and gifted Books

Busy today sorting a Certain Young Man for his return to America. Oh, and going to see the Hobbit...just the three of us like old times.

Anyway, I did stitch little hanging apparatus apparati onto the backs of the pieces I had made for 'Rule Britannia' the Contemporary Quilt compilation quilt for one of the British entries for Celebrating Diversity.

Since they were all returned a while ago, I was able to pass them onto the Certain Young Man for a Christmas present. I had made more than one because I thought they would be just the size for a young man setting out on his own to hang round whatever accommodation he ended up in.
However, I they have now been packed so no photo of them together.

On the other hand, I have been collecting ideas for more of this size (approx. 8"x8") for future presents. This year's CQ journal quilts are to be that size, so the Journal Quilt deadlines will work as motivation. or the theme will work to keep me motivated with the Journals quilts - whatever!

Rather than leaving you without photos. Here are a few recent Christmas presents.
Sleeves by Louise Todd Cope has been on my list since I read the copy at college when I was doing my City and Guilds. It could only be obtained in America, so my sister bought it and sent it to me for Christmas. Now I might have a go at some of the ideas.

Also, The Thoughtful Man gave me Valerie Goodwin's Art Quilt Maps book, which was on my wish list. But he also got these other fascinating books as well.
So, once the lad is on his way and I have caught up with myself a bit, I am going to have a deeper read of them.

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