Thursday, 23 January 2014

Pink Dragon

Remember what I said about seeing shapes that look like some sort of creature or other?

I went to press this piece of cloth and there he was staring at me! So, good thing I only needed a wee small section from the side. The rest has been saved to get him out of there.
Do you see him? All twisted round a bit like the dragons on the Dragon Robes in the China section of the V+A.

Isn't it cool!

A reward for soldiering on with something more serious.

Trying the distraction method of coping with pain. In other words, I am doing another piece that has to do with 3rd world children working. If I get it done tomorrow and in the post the latest Saturday, it may get to be submitted to the SAQA Trunk show. If not, well there will be something come up I can use it for.


irene macwilliam said...

I see him so clearly.
Did you know that if you do a 4 clawed dragon you can be put to death? Only the Emperor is allowed such. I was told this when many years ago I was doing a dragon quilt; most cultures have dragons/worms in their lore.

Linda M said...

I do see him and he is cool.