Thursday, 2 January 2014

Another Ramshackle : Proximity - Close

Exploring neighbourhood, looking at the landscape around the houses, discovering if the background colour choice affects the mood, and considering Proximity. Does nearness make a neighbour?

Up to the point after fusing and before stitching.

Then stitched, trimmed and binding added. (My camera gets in quite a muddle with these. I think it recognises the trees as 'faces' and then can't tell what to do about the paisley pattern in the fabric. I will have to find a better way to photograph them if I decide to work them into something major.)

Because I wanted this to be about differences that can keep people from being neighbourly, I created a 'fence' of sorts to make a strong visual separation. To emphasised the difference further with differences in the 'grass', lean of the houses and direction of the paths and smoke from the chimneys. I think I have succeeded with that. The Backgrounds used are more like the original ones - dark brown lines and binding - so there isn't too much change in mood that I can tell with the colour choices.

Now to get hanging sleeves on these and get them in the post.


Judith said...

This is so creative ~ it really gives the impression that these neighbours have no idea what the other is doing. I live on acreage and the neighbours are not close, but I often feel as if we live on different time zones like this ... J

Sandy said...

I like that. Time zones. It really is a good word to describe the situation between some neighbours.