Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Bark Cloth embellished

Once I got the little Afghan girls in the post, I started working on the barkcloth for the Hands Up for Uganda project.

I worked out that I fit 2 sets of the templates for the shoes Janet Middleton from Starchild Shoes will use. It is used for the front section of the shoes. So, this is the first set. The flat disks at the bottom are Heishi Shell Beads. (originally a type of bead made by Native Americans.) The rust coloured flat bead which comes next are beads that were from South America.

I added a little sample on the end of the 3 different embellishment patterns. They hope to make a book to commemorate the project.

Here is a better photo of the parts for the shoes.

The shoes will be exhibited at two of the ICHF shows: 20th to 23rd at NEC Birmingham and 3rd to 5th April at Excel London where you will be able to see them along with other work done by women of Uganda.

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