Saturday, 12 October 2013

Something on Saturday

Beautiful fabric in the post.

A few weeks ago I replied to a question on Lisa Chin's blog about what my favourite kind of dyeing was. She was asking as part of a celebration of 5 years of blogging.

Then I was very surprised to learn my name had been drawn for winning one of her fabulous ice dyed fabrics. (People put ice over the prepared fabric and then squirt thick dyes or sprinkle powder dyes over the ice. It causes some of the dyes to separate and strike at different times due to the delay of the cold ice.) Lisa gets beautiful results. Just see the fabrics she was willing to send off to winners of the draw!

I would have been happy with any of them. The one I loved was the middle one. I had some in a similar colour from Farne Designs at one time, but her methods have changed a bit and she doesn't seem to get the purple/teal combo any more. This wasn't quite like Valeri's but close.

And lo and behold yesterday in the post...

TaDa! It was that one!

Thank You so Much, Lisa!

During the summer I got a bit of a tutorial from my friend Merete who gets wonderful colours when she does dyeing. So, it may be possible that I could start getting some more interesting results myself instead of the disappointing ones I usually end up with.

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