Wednesday, 9 October 2013

you can do what you like

So, I decided because of the loose weave of the blue skirt, I really could do with a lining. Well, I wanted one, so there.
Anyway, I got out my box of lining and shiny-could-be-used-as-lining fabrics.

Without digging far, I found I had almost enough for a lining in a greyish silver taffeta and just enough for a bit of lining in a greyishblack. So, as it is my skirt, and no one goes round checking out linings when you are wearing them, and sometimes it feels special to have a bit of a secret going on---or perhaps you could call it a designer look ---I have put the lining together of the two fabrics.

The greysilver taffeta is a bit rustle-y, so I cut the back sections from the other. I have no idea if it will be less rustle-y for sitting down, but that was the idea.

So here is a photo of the lining. It is my skirt and I can do what I like!
back view

I went to the ironmongers to see if they had a zip. yes, but 7in and I needed 9in. However, they did have a couple other things I hadn't been able to find in the market previously. So that was a good result.

no problem getting the blood test. phew.

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