Saturday, 24 August 2013

Something on Saturday

I was looking for 'blobs' yesterday. Not brave enough to stand and draw them, so I took the camera.

I had noticed some mushrooms growing round the tree stump across the path from our house. So, while I had the camera out, I went over and took some photos.

There were actually several different kinds of them. I know nothing about fungi, but here are some photos of the different ones I noticed.
A bit like a crumpled wadge of paper

One of the kinds you see on sides of trees or logs.

Kind of like your normal mushroom
but some had holes in the tops

sort of like chestnut mushrooms
I think these are the same as above, but just older.

Not sure if this is a different one or a hidden version of the
crumpled wadge of paper kind.

Yes, quite technical language!

Anyway, perhaps some clue as to why this tree was nearly falling over last year. The Thoughtful Man had them cut it down before it fell on some kid's head.

And maybe these would be good blobs? I might be brave enough to go draw these...if not, I have the photos.

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