Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Map no. 5 - finished

I showed this Journal Quilt in progress the other day. It has actually been in progress for a couple months, but I had so many other things that took priority.
But now it is done.

This is the text I put with it.
Carrying on the Map theme. This is about Salamanca, a town on an Indian reservation in Western New York. For a period of time I lived in a school building which had been converted to flats.

My favourite memories of living there was the visits to a Seneca Indian lady called Rose. Rose had contracted polio when she was young. This already had caused physical problems, but one day as a young lady she woke to find she could no longer turn her head. She had some arm movement but for the rest of her life laid in a bed depending on others. But Rose was not downhearted. Even though I went to read to her, I was the one who came away encouraged and challenged. I hope to be as much of an encouragement to others throughout my life in spite of limitations I face.

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