Thursday, 15 August 2013

Just taking it easy

My friend said she thought the Festival of Quilts had worn me out (in so many words) because I hadn't posted.
...No, more like taking a bit of a holiday.

Monday I flaked out in a chair most of the day and then sorted the rest of the finance part of the SAQA exhibit - that kind of thing takes me several hours.

Tuesday I did the report for SAQA and caught up on email.

Wednesday I went to my friend Merete's house where we had a dyeing day. She gets such good strong colour results and I don't. So I wanted to do it with her to understand what I needed to do differently.
I was going to do photos, but my camera needed charging.

Today I was tidying from the tip my room had become - fabrics pulled out of cupboards for dyeing and purchases and things packed for the show just dumped in places.
Oh, and charged the camera.

But haven't downloaded anything.

Trying to think about the things coming up in the next few months and working out priorities of what wants doing the most and what wants doing first and what wants being left out altogether.

Perhaps I will have some photos and something to show tomorrow. I am actually feeling pretty good, but just being low profile while I recover from several months of intense making or supporting others in various ways.

So, okay, you can't do a post without a photo. So, a quick download of this one...
Here is my Visible Horizon piece in the Contemporary Quilt Horizons exhibition. second from the right.

You can see all the others, how the exhibit looked and the names here.

Some good things happening from this, which I will talk about perhaps tomorrow.

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