Friday, 23 August 2013

Discoveries in my area

Yesterday the Thoughtful Man said he was taking the day off. Did I want to go anywhere? It was meant to rain in the morning, but the afternoon was meant to be dry.
Hmm. Well, either a quiet foresty walk or discovering some little village or town.

So, we decided to go to Marlow. Even though we pass signs to go there from the A404M, I have never been. So, we went. The amount of time we had to look was directly proportional to the car parking space we found on the High Street. 1hour. The sort of wandering round a town amount of time Mr Thoughtful prefers.

So we walked up and down the High Street, through part of the 'town walk' path - a quieter back path, through Higginson Park - without spotting the Sir Steve Redgrave statue,
round the graveyard of All Saints Church next to the Bridge over the Thames, discovered the 'original' Lady Sew and Sew shop - spoke to Christine who I usually see in Bracknell market and that was about it!
But I think we will go back sometime and perhaps take a walk along the tow path and see the Lock.

Here are a few of the interesting bits.
The first Gold Post box we have seen. and on looking it up, I discover it is for Naomi Riches - the only Olympian or Paralympian I have met! I even held her gold medal!

A cool outdoor display for a toy shop (or a shop with toys, I didn't actually look at the shop!)

Spotted across the road near the George and Dragon pub. So, something else to look up - origins of the Town Name? No, I guess not, just twinned with the town in France since 1980. And why not, with such similar names?

And then after we were on the side of the road of the above mile marker (but further down), Mr Thoughtful spotted that someone famous had lived in the old house across the street. He could just make out the first part of the name. So I took a photo on zoom, and then zoomed on the playback setting to discover it was Edward John Gregory who is known for his painting of Boulter’s Lock near Maidenhead.

A memorial wall with a quote by TS Elliot in the Church yard.

Time past and time future
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end which is always

And one of the several photos of interesting grave markers.
I can't work out if it is a sword or a fancy cross.

So, that was a lovely little outing. On heading home, we also went down the little road with the sign Bisham under the Wood. Just a little curving lane with quaint old houses, but now I know what is there!
and on to see just what Pinkney's Green really was, as it is signposted off the same roundabout. But it seemed just a place with houses - although we did see the cricket ground. Maybe more to see if you went down side roads. But from the main road not really as picturesque as the name.

If you know different, tell me!

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