Monday, 19 August 2013

skirt 15,16 +17

Now that I have the busy time of the year out of the way, I want to make a few more things to send to my friend in Ethiopia for the over 10 year old children.

I got word the other day that Pattern Review were offering my a free pattern as thanks for managing the Fabric Stash contest in June and July. Normally I do my own patterns, but I have been looking at the Jalie board shorts pattern. Instead of drafting a boys shorts pattern and having no one to try it on to see how and if it works, I thought I may as well use an already made pattern for this. Skirts are not such a problem with fitting, but shorts/trousers have a bit more to them.
So, the pattern is on its way! As I understand it, there are several sizes included. So I can compare with the sizes I would have drafted in...keeping in mind the lads are more wirey than western kids and the fact that it looks like the pattern is drafted with a lot of ease.

In the meanwhile, I cut out and sewed the seams and edges for 3 skirts today. If I work at it a bit at a time I should get the waists and the hems done this week.
Here is a glimpse of the fabric. They are inside out at present, so the turned back section is what the outside will look like.

This was the fabric that was a bit peach with red...and when I prewashed it with a teal fabric ( a seperate length left from making the Epic Quest coat) the teal somehow hadn't got all the dye washed out, so I ended up with this rather curious flowery tealgrey. In a way, it has a bit of elegance to it. So, better for a few girls to wear the skirts than for the fabric to stay in my stash til inspiration has struck.

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