Wednesday, 7 August 2013


If you have been following Margaret Cooter's blog, you can see she has been making bookwraps for the CQ tombola at the Festival of Quilts. A couple years ago CQ raised quite a bit for the Museum with the journal quilt size pieces - Little Gems.

This year we have been asked again, and the idea was a sketchbook cover. So they call them Bookwrap Gems. Follow the link to see some of the others that have been made. I think there are about 2000 altogether.

I don't do a lot of workshops, so haven't got a lot of samples to rework like Margaret has, but I did have a piece I did a few years ago that I was not happy with at all. Trying to depict heat at night, I called it Breath of Dragons.

Anyway, it became the candidate to chop up, and I finally got time on Monday and Tuesday.
Here are the bookwraps I made using Lyric Kinard's video tutorial. Chopped up, the piece works much better!

These all have a bit of the heat colour flames.

And these have sections of the border. I drew some abstract shapes with the Pentel Gel Roller Fabric Pen.

I had picked up some notebooks sometime back for a workshop I did, so I used those inside. Although you could have donated the bookwraps without the books.

There is quite a bit of the piece left, but not more time. So, I will save it to make more of these for gifts at another time.

Just off to the Festival of Quilts then in about an hour. I am looking after the SAQA Exhibition - Metaphors on Aging. So, I have to check things out at the stand later today.

I have a few posts set, and have made the beads for these days ahead of time. So, the Sunday post of the week's beads should still go up at the right time.

If you are going to the Festival of Quilts and you do Tombolas, go find the table where it is all going on!

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Kathleen Loomis said...

So what is a tombola? And why is it called that?

(I've been reading references to this in British mystery stories for ages but never figured out the answer.)