Sunday, 4 August 2013

"And the Bead Goes On..." 29 July - 4 Aug

2013 - Week 31 Daily Beads
I carried on with the same small blue bugle bead constant and with doing loops like last week.




The whole group of July beads were in yesterday's post.

August bead project

I thought it was about time to use some of my springs. You might remember the 'Spring Showers Dress'.
So I discovered I had at least 31 of these springs that are:
1. tight - which would hide knots
2. have loops on the end - which means the completed embellished springs could be stitched to something eventually.

So, here is a practice to see how it would work.

Here is the set up with the colours I have decided to use.

and the rest of this week's beads.





It took me a while to work out the technique, but it basically requires spiralling the thread round the spring rather than trying to stick the needle in and out.

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Karen S Musgrave said...

Very cool!