Saturday, 12 January 2019

Something on Saturday

The treasures I am showing aren't in any order of preference. More like getting a photo as I remember and discovery them around the house!

Treasure 2

These 2 prints I found at a charity shop. I know the Ambassadors. But haven't been able to find out who painted the other work.
I really like these because of the 'costume' of the people in the paintings. The Ambassadors especially because I looked at Tudor clothing for my design project for my C+G Fashion.
The photos are a bit odd because I was trying to get a photo without climbing up over the studio door to get them down. But I love having a bit of "proper art" for inspiration in my studio.

Thanks from Faye “The second one is by Pieter Hooch "Interior of a Dutch House".


Faye said...

Hi Sandy!

The second one is by Pieter Hooch "Interior of a Dutch House"
I actually didn't know that, but Google Image search did :D

Sandy said...

Thanks Faye, cool! Thanks for letting me know!!
I better write it down so I can remember.