Friday, 5 August 2016


I am putting out a tentative foot for doing a bit of teaching again.

On 28th September I am teaching a workshop at the National Needlework Archive. It is called Build a Fabric. The exhibition of the work made for Contemporary Quilt with the Kazakhstan challenge fabrics - now called '1001 Nights - Textile experiments with Kazakhstan fabrics' - will be on display. So my workshop will be about making the fabric like I did for making the Collared Dragon. Workshops at the National Needlework Archive are found here.
The Collared Dragon
And then next March, I will have a solo show at Lady Sew and Sew in Henley. Mostly about my gowns, but also textile art. I used the same technique in the Midnight Dance by Moonlight ensemble.
So, I am teaching Build a Fabric workshop at the Henley shop on 21 March. And then also a workshop on 22 March about making your own Ramshackle Houses.
You can see other workshops listed for Lady Sew and Sew here. Mine are currently on page 2.

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