Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Being as rainy as it has been, I remembered that I didn't get to show you much of our holiday in Switzerland. Rainy, because that is what the weather was like when we were there!
One day we took a coach trip. Glad that we were not out in the weather!

At one point we crossed the Rhine into Liechtenstein! It is said to be the last remaining outpost of the Holy Roman Empire. It is not a place you hear much about.

We had a quick visit in Valduz. I even got my passport stamped for 3 Swiss franks.

Above the city is Valduz Castle, where the Liechtenstein royal family live.
a model of the castle near the steps up to the town.
The Prince of Liechtenstein is known for his art collection. We saw many fascinating sculptures in the short time we had to look around.

Even in the café seating!
In the shops there were as many souvenirs relating to Switzerland as there was Liechtenstein.
And while we were there, the Swiss were playing in the 2016 UEFA European Championship. Much cheering! I understand a Liechtenstein team plays in the Swiss league.

And back on the coach as it began to rain again.

So there, you know something new!

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