Monday, 22 August 2016

Golden Grace in the Fashion Show

I really enjoyed the Fashion show this year at the Festival of Quilts. Besides the fact that they did a very good job and that the models knew how to show off the garments properly (from a different place). I had my friend Helen Cowens there as my guest. How lovely to look at the clothing with someone who also sews/drafts/designs herself. and how fun to look over at each other on certain things and find that we were both thinking the same thing! so then elbowing and laughter.
I don't see Helen often as she lives in the North of England/nearly Scotland. But I hope she enters next year. Her gowns are lovely.

It was special to see my gown up there.
I just got one photo of the front

and one of the back.

I did get pearls and beads on, but these photos are zoomed in a great deal, so they aren't showing so well. More and better completed photos to come.


ann said...

This gown is absolutely LOVELY. A really STUNNING piece. Is there a bride for this gorgeous gown? If I were tiny, it might convince me to marry again. LOL. Just kidding. I've been to a few weddings recently. This is the most beautiful gown above all. Obviously can not say enough. Looking forward to the details.

Living to work - working to live said...

Rather stunning. A simple silhouette beautifully finished.