Friday, 20 November 2015

Wax paper

Thanks for the comments about the Kamlaika inspired stitch project.

Celia asked about the wax paper. It is like you get on a roll from Reynolds. I am not sure where you get it here.

I brought mine back from America years and years ago to use for projects with kids. We used to sandwich leaves between and press. Lovely to hang in the window or for a craft about Autumn. But I never did many projects with it. So, I am looking forward to using it here.

(It is also wonderful to use to wax a back garden play slide so you go down faster!)

Jeannne asked if I was making a parka or a piece inspired by it. I don't intend to recreate a kamlaika. I want to focus on the importance of the seams. So sewing pleats and seams in a length of it. I am thinking long and puddled on the floor sort of thing.


Today I have also been tracing the refugees for placing on the other piece that got stalled from a few weeks ago.

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Celia said...

Thanks, Sandy. Reynolds wax paper seems to be available form Amazon, EBay etc. The way you were using it gave me some ideas...