Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Structures exhibition

On Monday, I went with my friend Mavis and her friend Sam to Henley, to the Old Fire Station Gallery to see the Contemporary Quilt Structures exhibition.

You might remember, my Ramshackle Tower piece was in this exhibition.
Apparently this inspired a lot of imagination about who lived inside!
It was very good. Lots of different ideas which came from the same theme...sort of what you expect from Contemporary Quilters now!

Here are a few of the rest of them to give the idea of the diversity.
Cathedral Window - Dorothy Dean

City at Night - Mike Wallace

England is Proud - Liz Smithbone

Glittering Domes - Ros Crouch

Star Ferry-Hong Kong - Gretchen Fitchett

Ruins4 - Lean Higgens

Silver Circles - Pauline Barnes
and a detail

Skipness Castle Wall - Marjoury McKinven

Perspective II - Ann Lowe
I wanted to twitch the bit at the top! It must have got moved. (And somehow, I wanted to turn the piece upside down and see what it was like.)

Thinking Outside the Box - Khurshid Bamboat

There were plenty more...some I didn't get good photos of. Some in positions which were difficult to photograph well.

I will show a few unusual ones tomorrow. But this last one for today was intriguing. Quite small, but the shapes pulled me over to see. I have not heard of this monument, but I intend to find out more.
Zaloggo - Margaret Macdonald
Very Poignant.


irene macwilliam said...

what great photos Sandy

Maggi said...

Thanks for sharing Sandy.