Thursday, 26 November 2015

More Structures

More of the pieces from the Structures exhibition at the Old Fire Station Gallery at the weekend.

Elizabethan Structures - Joanna O'Neill
I loved this! The lighting wasn't the best to see the detail, but I really liked the illustration aspect of showing the underpinnings' or structure of what made up an Elizabethan gown...even to a bit of labelling.
As Joanna said on her statement, it uses aspects of different garments from the Elizabethan period, so may not be exactly what was worn in one particular moment.

Keeping with the garment theme:
Goddess of Fire - Mark Tilley
Mark transferred some of the same ideas for garments into his own familiar territory. Rolling and firing clay instead of rolling and felting fleece. Colour through firing instead of dyeing. and then securing each fragment with 'embroidery'...joining with copper wire.


another intriguing piece was this sculptural work.
Pool-Sue Hotchkis
Sue always manages to do an amazing blend of quilting, embroidery and sometimes even felting. This work doesn't fail in Sue's attempt to give a glimpse into the structural world found in a rock pool.

And finally, one of the most amazing, in my mind.
Under Construction - Betty Ball
This work consisted of 3 quilts, one behind another. The white and grey bars in front, the orange and yellow bars in the middle and the purple and green bars at the very back.

Each one had a certain part of the structure - the whole of each piece included the 'holes' between the individually finished bars.

Together, the pieces made the structure truly 3D.
Any distortion comes from my own photography.

I also took a photo of the hanging system for future reference!

So, there were several other works either at the Old Fire Station venue or at Lady Sew and Sew's venue. But my photos aren't good enough to do them justice.


Maggi said...

Fantastic variety. Wish I could have gone.

Uta Lenk said...

I love the idea of Mark's piece! And certainly the 3D-set is mind-boggling. Thanks for sharing these.