Saturday, 7 November 2015

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the Thoughtful Man!

I spent most of the day trying to do a caramel layer cake from one of his Bake Off cookbooks. So, as you can see it has been reduced to 2 layers. The icing was 'marbled' rather than feathered and we have loads of the salted caramel icing left. But oh well!
A Certain Young Man fried the steaks. and did the teas and coffees after dinner. And we had to just about tie the Thoughtful Man down to the table to have the cake brought to be blown out because he was washing up or something! "Please will you sit down so we can do the cake thing?"

But he can go back to being the baker after this. Or I can stop trying to be a bake off type and just make normal cakes.

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