Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Trialling a possible bead project. Something called Flat Chenille stitch (why?), which came into my inbox from Bead Daily the other day.

Okay, I chose it because it was the first bead instruction drawing set I could figure out. But this took all evening.
So, a good weekly project, not a daily one.
In trying to get my head round the destructions, I have already added an extra bead at either end on one row, but it works. When I finally figured that was what I had done, I decided to stick with it. But I have drawn the extra beads onto the pattern so I don't get confused when I come back to it.

I do think I will stick with it, because it might help me get my head round more of the drawn patterns...
Or will drive me back to creating my own!

Also stitched the sleeve onto Ramshackle Tower to take up to Henley before the end of the week.

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