Thursday, 5 November 2015

Flat chenille

Today I took Ramshackle Tower up to Henley for the upcoming Structures exhibition.

I have continued the sample of the flat chenille stitch. I have my head round the pattern now - pretty much. I had only gone wrong on the last row of what I showed the other day. So I re-did that row and carried on.
I had already added in a new length of thread and hadn't too many of the glistening beads left, so I decided this 10cm/4in was long enough for a sample project. This took about 1/2 tube of beads (like from Bead Merchant). I had already used some of that tube on something else, so that is why I chose it for a sample

When I went to Lady Sew and Sew in Henley, I wanted to look for a brown to use on future Ramshackle pieces. and lo and behold they were having a sale! So, I thought I would look round the sale first. And there, in the Extra Wide pile was a mottled brown piece just a tad longer than I had planned to buy in normal width and for around the same money!
And being extra wide, it is more than double the width of normal! So, that was meant to be. It is more of a chocolate colour...actually written on the end of the fabric! Mottled doesn't matter because it is the underneath layer anyway.

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Maggi said...

A great find.