Monday, 9 November 2015

another sample

So, having got my head around understanding drawn patterns for beading, I decided to go back to basics. Meaning, what I know about beading comes from sewing beads onto fabric and then taking that further to sewing onto things.

Thus, I have been watching a few how-to-videos. And, from what I saw, I then got out the beginner beading instruction book from the Beadworker's Guild.

And first up - Ladder stitch.

Which is exactly what I was looking for. Something that doesn't take ages. Something that then can become trim for fantastical garments.
This one, is just 3 beads across and is now about 8 inches long. As this sample was more about learning, I haven't worked out how much I can do within, say, 15 minutes. But I have enough thread to carry it on a bit more, so I will test timings when I get to that point.

This particular one is pretty simple, but there are ways of making it more complex and ways to add interesting edges along the sides. I can do that when I add it to a gown or after it is made.

What I do need to work out is how to keep the rows tight to each other. But I guess that will come with practice and perhaps with using beads with less 'character'!

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