Saturday, 24 January 2015

Something on Saturday

So here is a funny story.
A Certain Young Man had an orange tree brought back with him from uni a few years ago. When he went to live in America for a while, I was tasked with looking after it. (Bring it back to life!)
So, I started feeding it and watering it and it grew and grew.
Then it got a flower and grew a tangerine size orange...which was eaten by A Certain Young Man when he was back visiting last January.

Fast forward. A Certain Young Man returned to live here in August. Around that time there were more flowers. A cluster of them were on the bottom branch. 4 of them set, and the others fell off.
As these grew, they were not really orange shape. But they kept growing past the size of the previous orange. While green, they looked like limes. (sorry, no photo.)
Then they turned yellow. Okay, so let's wait for them to turn orange...and perhaps they will start getting spherical? It looks pretty lemon-like.

So, I took a photo at that point because I thought I would get photos of the stages. Only there weren't any more stages. So, I gave it more water, more food. Put a shiny foil covered board under them to hold them up and help them get more light.

Then the other day I came in and 2 were gone. A swift search showed them under and behind a chair.

I put them in the kitchen with some apples to help them get ripe. and suggested a Certain Young Man should try one. Because if they fell off, they must be ripe.

Certain Young Man comes into my studio. Do I want to try this?

WooHoo! That is sharp! That is a lemon! (Well, it was trying to tell us it was a lemon all this time!)
one of the lemons
So, we had an investigation and came to the conclusion that there was a bit of a bump above the lemon branch in the main stem of the tree. And so we actually have a lemon/orange tree! Or orange grafted onto lemon tree.


Sherrie Spangler said...

What a fun story!

365 Dresses said...

Great story, indeed! That is one perfect lemon. Maybe next year you'll have both on the tree!

Maggi said...

All you need now are the bells of St Clements!

lizlake said...

Harry Belafonte . . . Mid 50's

Lemon Tree very pretty, and the Lemon flower is sweet, But the Fruit of the Lemon is impossible to eat.

Sandy said...

Maggi, Good idea about the Bells of St. Clements! I will have to tell my son.
And Liz, I hadn't heard of that song. Thanks for introducing me to it.