Friday, 16 January 2015

CQ-Kazakhstan Project - 8

I am nearly ready to reveal this work. But today I am talking about solving issues.

First of all, I must say it wasn't just a matter of stitching the dragon to the background. It kept stopping like it was stuck on something and often breaking the thread.
I...used a different thread
...changed the position of the thread reel
...changed the needle
...changed to a single hole needle plate(thinking the backing fabric was catching)
...changed to an open toe darning foot (from the normal darning/free machine embroidery foot)
...eventually I realised that because of the chopping and fusing to make the fabric for the dragon and then applying it to 3 layers, that some sections were just a little too high for the foot to have good clearance. SO, I used the tool that is meant to make moving the machine easier and soldiered on (being glad it wouldn't be judged for the stitching).

Furthermore...I learned these things.

1 - when you stitch an appliqué dragon onto a background. Be sure you have taken all the pins out. This is the back.
I used a long pair of tweezers to manipulate the pin through a gap I made in the stitching.

2 - if you get poked with the pin, check to see if you have drawn blood.
I used dish soap on a damp cloth to get the most of it out. (I may write a dragon story and stitch it to the back!)


Kathleen Loomis said...

the best way to remove blood is to spit on a cloth and use that to scrub. supposedly the enzymes in your saliva will attack the blood (so your spit probably won't work as well on somebody else's blood).

at least that's what I've been told -- and I have successfully used this method many times.

Sandy said...

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for the comment!
I tried this. It is a well-known trick for garment sewers...especially wedding dresses! But perhaps because of the fabric, it seemed to sink quickly through the fibres.
So, I scrubbed it with dish soap as well. Now it ’just’ looks slightly dirty.

365 Dresses said...

Hi, Sandy! I love your dragon! I'm reading from the latest first, but the end result is great! The collar just makes it. Really. By the way, a touch of hydrogen peroxide, H202 will remove most organic stains quickly and easily.