Sunday, 4 January 2015

And the bead keeps going on...1-3 January 2015

Beginning of January 2015 (not sure if this is considered a numbered week or not!)

The beading project has become a good habit by now. Whilst the hands are busy it is time to sit and think about the other things I am making or thinking of making.

I had ideas for the fabric beads for 2015 and had played with some scraps. So now it was time to work it in earnest to see what the best size would be and the best method of doing it.

Here are the trials. I do like the little bundle at the front, but will reserve that for further experiment because there is a lot of folded up fabric wadged into the middle.
I love the fact that the cross shaped bits came out looking like books. So, little fabric booklets they will be.

I was thinking of stitching colours onto white after doing the extra pieces for Karen Ruane. So, my samples were done on cream. I feel they need something on the 'pages' and tried these small bugles with varying success. I need more thinking time for that now that I have developed the actual project shape.

The white fabric for the actual booklets is a white on white stripe I had purchased at Festival of Quilts last year. I liked working with the yellow stripe last month, so thought this would be a good choice for these fabric booklets. I have actually cut all the strips for the booklets already because I wanted to be sure I have enough for the year. For now I am considering every other month as I have done before. But the jury is still out for what I might do on in-between months.

So for now, here we are with white fabric booklets edged with red. The stripe alternates horizontal and vertical from day to day.




If you have an idea to add to the mix about what might go on the booklet pages, let me know. I don't really want to do just what I was doing on the fabric packets. And I am considering trying to use more of the sequin stash than the wee tiny ones I have been using.

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Kathleen Loomis said...

If they're going to be books, they should have letters on the pages!