Monday, 19 January 2015

CQ-Kazakhstan Project - 10 finished!

And here we are! Bound edge and finished.
The Collared Dragon

And finally much more like the actual colour!

I haven't developed a story, other than when I went to think of a title. The collar seemed important to it. A subtitle is The Royal Pet. But I haven't added that to the work to send off. Especially if it is to travel, they will have to translate! Collared Dragon is sufficient for now.

So, to get the accurate colour, I turned off the light so that the only light was through the patio windows. (Patio windows are the only source of outside light in my studio. So, that is why the overhead lights are daylight tubes.) Then I took a photo with the flash. Problem is, I can't remember if it was on intelligent auto or normal photo. But it is an option to try again the next time!

The dragon is 'winging' its way to the collection point for CQ and then will go with the rest of the British pieces out to Prague and on to the rest of the journey.


Linda M said...

That's quite the pet! Great use of the materials.

Peggi Yac said...

Thanks for sharing your process for The Royal Pet. It's always interesting to see into the thought process of another quilt artist.
Nice pet!

Maggi said...

I like the title Collared Dragon - it makes me think that he is contained although not quite tamed.