Tuesday, 6 January 2015

CQ - Kazakhstan project - 1

I have started work on something for a project initiated by the Prague Patchwork Meeting in the Czech Republic.

Here is a bit of the history as from the PPM newsletter.
Three years ago, Mr. Eibisch, back then Bernina representative for Eastern Europe, brought back from his Turkmenistan journeys 8 fabrics, .... The fabrics were cut to small pieces and distributed to quilters around the Czech Republic, later on quilters from Slovakia and Germany joined the project.
In the following year, we have followed up with fabrics from Uzbekistan...
This year the challenge incorporates fabrics from Kazakhstan, and the quilters come from 5 countries including the UK.

Also, each year there is a size and shape format. For instance, the quilts made from the fabrics from Uzbekistan were made up into a triangles shape, which were then displayed on circular tables with the pieces arranged together like a pizza or a large hexagon.

The Contemporary Quilt group was asked to find 10 interested members to make work for the British Submissions for 2015. I don't mind working with unusual materials, so I said 'yes, please!' and soon received the fabrics. Since then I have been thinking about how I might make them work.

I have pinned them all to a folded sheet so I can think about them as I develop ideas. Some, being jacquards could be used either side.

Here are the rules for this year.
Rules of the Kazakhstan project for 2015:
Format of the quilt: 50 x 50 cm square
Material: 4-5 fabrics from Kazakhstan and
any further fabrics to accompany these
Background: black or dark red or dark green
(always single colour fabric without any pattern)
Sleeve: 1cm from the top edge and 2-3cm from the sides, 78cm wide
The author, address and contact details
are to be provided on the back of the quilt
Deadline: 28 February 2015
Fees: no fees, covered by PPM
Technique: any, three layers, quilted

So, I think I have my idea now. I also have selected some fabrics from my stash which I might need to add to complete the work. So, I have begun to develop thoughts about what techniques would be best.

Although the deadline says February, I have to send mine by the 20th January to the person collecting from Contemporary Quilt, who will gather the work to be added to others from the Quilt Guild. Then all of them will be sent or taken to Prague for the exhibition.

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Maggi said...

Such a lovely rich selection of fabric. Have fun getting it done in time.