Thursday, 8 January 2015

And the bead keeps going on...booklet pages

So I mentioned on Sunday that the little beaded pieces were like booklets. And so what to put on the pages? Kathy Loomis suggested letters. And I had the thought about something similar to some of the work Margaret Cooter was doing for her Book Arts degree... particularly the spacing of words.

So, I set out to do black beads spaced like words. This is a start.
I have been going back to fill in the others. But, in practice it has become just beads being stitched in patterns. Not necessarily word patterns and just made up on the day as I go along. It is actually nice to just stitch them on without having a plan.

Not sure right now if I will stick with black beads throughout, but for this month, we have black beads.
Which if you see them together resemble dice more than words. But they do look cute.
Today was a bad head day. I did work on the Kazakhstan project. I even took photos... but haven't the head to blog about it. Easier to talk about beads. So, you will have to wait! It is working well though. I am quite pleased.


FiberAntics said...

They look like a bowl of dominos. What fun!

Sandy said...

They do, don't they!

Maggi said...

Great fun, and they do look like dominoes in the bowl.

karen said...

and I still have those precious, beautiful beads you made me Sandy. They are in a jar, on display and I look at them and think of you every day.