Tuesday, 13 January 2015

CQ-Kazakhstan Project - 5

Meanwhile... remember the fabric selection?

There were 2 pieces of velvet...the kind with a sort of acetate backing. They definitely could not be part of the chop and fuse desperate fabrics to make a dragon fabric.

So, clouds. Only they were about 9 in x 4in (give or take) which doesn't lend itself to many clouds! and they would need to be purple and green clouds.

Ah but what about these kind of clouds.
At the moment I am still considering how to keep them in place. Not sure yet.

And while we are at it, what about the flower print chiffon? You might have noticed in yesterday's photo that I cut a tongue from the red flowers in the print.

The chiffon was far too slippery to fussy cut anything out. So I fused it to a black satin, which also brought the print to life a bit somehow. After I cut the tongue, then I made some templates of flames from freezer paper. Very fiddly, but I cut them out and here is trying placement.

If you can believe this, the 'green' background is really a glazed black cotton. and the flames are scarlet red, not orange. The camera was not quite sure what to do with it!
Again, disregard the eye. I was trying to see if I could use the final piece of fabric in some way. It is devore velvet. It doesn't actually shine as much as that. I may stitch detail into it or something. Not sure. I don't know how else to use that piece of fabric.

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Maggi said...

I'm amazed at how you are managing to integrate all these disparate fabrics.