Monday, 10 November 2014

Studio shift

Finished sorting the biggest part of the studio on Saturday evening. I have rearranged some of the tables and drawers so I don't have to move my chair from here to there past ironing boards, etc.

The beading station is not near the window now (it and the set of drawers next to it was where the blue table is now. That was fine when it was summer and the sun streamed through the window. But now that it gets dark so soon and rainy days can seem like it is going dark at 2:30pm, I needed more light.
The blue table had been where those were; the thought being that it would extend the cutting table/desk. But it only ever ended up as someplace to park piles. Current piles, but still, not useful. So now I have little stacks of the current projects ready to hand, but in an orderly fashion. AND, the overlocker isn't perched across a corner gap on a piece of acrylic!

The microwave had been on the top of the large office drawer chest. But again, not used because all the ironing accoutrements were on top and around it. And a carefully balanced row of books at the side. The roll of paper at the side on the floor next to the door and a bit of a mess. So, now the microwave is down on a level I can reach and use for microwave dyeing - I can move the stuff on the table and use it like a kitchen table which it is! Or put a plastic cover there. The bit by the door is tidy. and behind the roll of drafting paper are the books plus more that were piled awkwardly on top of one another on the shelves to the right of the sewing machine.

All the 'hidden' boxes of fabric and so on that made it hard to get into the cupboards behind me from the photo view - where I arrange things for photos - are now organised into places that mean that pathway is clear. Yet the needful things are in places I can still get to. All the teaching paper work that had been under the blue table have been put on the top of the cupboards in the photo. I stacked the C+G folders that were up there, rather than standing up and that made room for a strong man to lift the lesson plans and so on up there with them.

And underneath the cupboards have my inspiration photos and my large notes of what is due when. Rather than on the cupboards that serve as a design wall (when a sheet is strung across on skirt hangers)...which was also right across from the door and someone in this house was always closing the door to the mess.

So, wow! It feels like a new room. I can get right round the cutting/working table to access all of my 'big project'. SO that is good. I still have a few things in other places to sort, like stacks of magazines, but I can do that at some other time when I have a bit of a break.

Enough of a ramble. Now it is time to get on with starting!


underatopazsky said...

It always feels so good when you have a nice clear place to work - I'd love a studio and not just the end of the sideboard in the lounge!

Sandy said...

Hi Under a Topaz Sky, love the blog name!

Umm. about the clear space. It probably won't be there for long! Although I do have good intentions. I end up working in about as much space as a sideboard! I push things back and to sides and get enough space to cut fabric for binding!