Sunday, 23 November 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 16-22 November

2014 - Week 47 Daily Beads

Up close these beaded buttons look a little higgledy-piggedy. But when the whole collection is together or at a distance, they all look similar and part of a set.



Here is where I have run out of 2 of the different purples. So, have discovered two other purples to continue with the sets of 6 button shapes.


Here is where I find that the pearly white beads run out. Or at least it looks like I could do at least one more beaded button to finish this set.

But... only 2 of these have holes big enough for the threaded end of the needle to pass through!

I was going to use a sort of clear with white lining. But then yesterday at the Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles meeting, my friend Margaret Ramsay was having a clear out. Some containers of beads and some collections of broken necklaces which had been part of her mother's stash.

And look! some small white beads. Not pearly finish, but white! I have other white beads, but no small opaque white beads. Creamy...Off white...yes, but none that would work for these. But now the little ones from the necklace will do.


I hosted a meeting on Friday and then the TVCT meeting on Saturday, so I will complete this week's beads this afternoon.

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Linda M said...

This group is quite interesting. I found myself drawn to the little birds.