Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Still Life update

Some time ago I made work to enter into an exhibition. Two pieces that were my response to the idea of aging. However, they were declined.
Still Life: Feel the Beat and Still Life: Moving On

I had thought before entering, that if they were not accepted, I might donate them to my mother-in-law's care home. But when I said something to her, she was Not Keen on the idea.

Fast forward...my sister has been involved in a project to create a place (where she lives) where seniors can meet for companionship and entertainment. It was part of her work for her degree. It has become very popular and now they have been given a no longer used bank building to house the centre.

So, I mentioned the Still Life pieces to her. She asked one of the managers who works with her. They were both very welcoming as they had been thinking of a wall for art. And since I grew up there, it would be of interest to the clients.

SO...I am getting them ready to send off to the Senior Centre in Lincoln, Maine!

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