Wednesday, 5 November 2014

November Journal Quilt - Scottish Thistle

Yes, this is still me. Only the 5th day of November and I already have done the journal quilt!
This is a continuation of the Around Britain theme of pieces which will eventually go to my son.

Since my husband's family are from Scotland, I thought it would be a good idea to have a strong Scottish representation in these pieces for my son. I adapted a clip art image for this one.

I had an idea for tartan in the background, but then I realised if I don't have one of the ones they could wear, it would not be a great idea. So, I had a rummage in some of my silk scraps. I didn't remember acquiring this piece, but it is just right. As was the plaid print I used for the circle part of the flower.

The biggest excitement for me on this one was discovering how to change the settings for a triangle stitch on my machine in such a way to get a long tapering triangle.(It is usually used for things like holding pocket corners and such.)So, it was actually fun to do the prickly bits, rather than get annoyed that I couldn't make it look like I wanted.

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