Sunday, 2 November 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." 26-31 October

2014 - Week 44 Daily Beads







I posted the first one of November yesterday when I described the start.

And all the October beads in their pink and orange glow.
The photo is on white fabric, but the camera wants to make it green.

Some of you have wondered how I sew off on these without it showing.

Basically I put a knot into the middle layers of the folded fabric to start with. Then at the end, I bring the thread out between the folds on one end. Then, because I am trying to tie the knot and keep it close to the point where it exits and hold onto the little bitty beaded packet at the same time... I use this little contraption which I think is meant to hold recipes or something.
With the little bitty beaded packet held, I can then point the needle with the knot on it back between the folds and bring it out in a clear area of the fabric. I pull it taught and the knot gets hidden in the middle somewhere. And with the thread still taught, I snip it off next to the fabric. The tension causes the snipped end to withdraw into the middle as well.
It does flail around a bit, but it has enough weight to it that I can get that knot sorted!

Yes, you are probably more confused, but that is what I do! If you want more photos, you have to wait til December when I do the fabric beads again.

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