Saturday, 29 November 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." November beads

I talked about the development of the November beads here.

I started with these mother of pearl buttons.

And though I will show the rest of the individual beaded buttons on Sunday, I wanted to show them all together and talk a little about what I might change if I did this again.

Here are all the November beaded buttons.
As you can see, even though the buttons are different shapes, they all work together.

And here is the however bit...
Somehow I had in my head that I wanted a circle of white beads around the button. Early on I discovered that half the time they were hiding under the edge of the button. Not Good.

So, then I used a pattern of one of the purple beads then the white bead and then the rest of the purples - number depending on how much space to the edge of the felt base. Well, that was much better but I really struggled to get them to line up in a proper circle/oval or what have you. By this time I had done the 'not quite a heart' buttons and the jar shaped buttons. And I decided to just carry on.

What I would do if I did this kind of beaded button again (besides having the buttons all the same shape for more uniformity!) is to forget about the white bead idea and just fill the surrounding area with the chosen bead colour. But at least for these, they all have a random shape of white beads going round the button. And because the buttons are all different shapes, they all have their unique random white bit encircling!

Or at least that is my story.

And when they become embellishment on some fantastical garment, no one is going to be looking at it with vision enhancing sewing glasses like I do!

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Maggi said...

I like the way that there is a variety in the shapes.