Wednesday, 12 November 2014


And with the decks clear, I have begun! Or at least I have started the fusing part.

One of the reasons I wanted the working table clear is because the size is over 1m both ways. It would make it easier to fuse the fabric if I could use the table. The worry, though, is that the table is actually an old (vintage?) desk. There is a piece of leather set into the wood surround. I didn't want to ruin that.

So, I knew I had a felted wool blanket. Still I didn't want the heat to go through that. In the cupboard with the blanket something made me move a bag on top of a box. TADA! A table protector for protecting dining room tables from heat! I remember now that I had hoped it would fit our dining room table when it was at it's smallest size. But it didn't. However! Joy of was bigger than the fabric I wanted to fuse. So, just right for this purpose.

So, layered table protector with wool blanket on top and Yes, the little heat that did get through to the table protector went no further.

More positives here...
For some time I haven't been using my 'good' iron because the steam stopped working...a little rusty bit fell out.
However, it still heats. I thought that it would be good for this because with no steam, I had even less worry about the desk top. Wow! I am glad I hadn't got round to letting this go yet. It gives out so much more heat than the iron I have been using. So, some of the recent problems I had been having with fusibles not fusing properly were solved as well. So, the 'good' iron is still a Good Iron for this use! Besides the heat, it is heavy - so the weight for the fusing is good. AND it has a long cord which works for reaching from the plug in to the opposite side of the table.

So one piece is fused now and I can begin working with it. Well, I do need to do a few sketches now that I know what size fabric I am working with.
I used Misty Fuse black for the fusible. And I used baking parchment to protect the iron. The fusible peels away from it easily if you let it cool first. I have some of the Teflon baking sheets I used to use sometime ago for fusing. (but hard to get things right because you can't see through.) I didn't want to fuse to the wool blanket accidentally, so I used the Teflon sheets under the fabric at the sides for just in case there was fusible over the edges.

For now it is hanging up on the design wall to keep it from creasing. While I have the fusing set up, I think I will fuse the other half of this fabric. Then it will be ready if I am able to do two designs. (The call for entry allows 2 pieces to be entered.)
Raring to go!

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