Wednesday, 12 February 2014

January Journal Quilt - Brit Rail

So, the January - just caught up - Journal Quilt is a simple one. I used the symbol for British Rail, but added phrases* along the arrows with silver pen. Basically I fused the red fabric, traced the arrows and cut them out, then mounted it onto white fabric.

In order to have a line going from one side to another, I extended the symbolised 'tracks' with silver. Then when I quilted it, I used silver thread over the tracks.

I decided that echo quilting would add the sense of movement.

I still have the counter-change red arrow symbol I cut out. So, it may show up somewhere. When I was researching, I saw that some of the signs are white with red.

Phrases/Slogans written are:
"We're getting there." "Let the train take the strain." 'Leaves on the line.' and 'The train standing at platform 2...'

You can't see the words till you catch a glint of the silver and then go close to look.


Celia said...

Have you got room for a comment about flooded signals at Maidenhead?

Sandy said...

Well yes, I was thinking this was a rather poignant time to do something about British Rail!