Saturday, 15 February 2014

'Ivy Fence with Ball' - and Unfini-shed

A while back I did a series of black and white journal quilts which travelled with the Grosvenor shows last year.

When I started trying to make them, I made this 'not black and white' Ivy fence piece.
'Not black and white' because it was too pale and I overdid the 'colour it in a bit'. You can read about it here.

So, fast forward to this year. I was contacted by the Co-ordinator for Region 2 (of the Quilt Guild). They are running the fundraiser for the Guild at the Festival of Quilts this year. People are making heart shaped things to be won at the tombola.
Someone had a great idea of asking well-known UK quilters to donate an A4 piece with unfinished edges which will be matted and sold for £25 to raise even more money. They are calling them Unfini-sheds - because they hope to raise shed loads of money with them! Would I be willing to participate?

Why yes! (especially if suddenly I am a well-known UK quilter!). So, what to make? It doesn't need to be there til end of July, but I thought if I slotted it in now, I wouldn't be fretting about it when I am making all the other stuff I have in my head.

And so, I came across the 'not black and white' piece. Which from here on out will be called Ivy Fence *_____ _____* Blanks will be filled in a minute.

Even though this became a Work in Progress all that time ago, I had actually taken a few more steps for an idea. I took a couple of Pepper's old balls and took a photo of them in a spot that this piece sort of represented in my head.

I settled on the photo with the blue ball. (fill in the blanks above).

So, I found a bit of fabric which had the start of the shade and light amongst the mottled marks.
I fussy cut the ball from the fabric. and after sometime of working into it with coloured pencils, I was very chuffed to find I had managed to make a ball that looks like a ball!

So I fused it to felt and then stitched the felt to the background invisibly. I stitched down the shadow, but I didn't feel like it wanted the edge of the ball stitched down. I like the way it stands out from the background. I got confirmation from my friend who is often my consultant. She thought it would be fine, too.

And then decided the background wanted even more colouring in. So a couple more hours working into it with coloured pencils and Triplus Fineliner felt tip markers.

So, in theory we are meant to send it unfinished. but I thought I needed to tame the threads round the edge. So I made one pass with a satin stitch. and a bit more colouring in.
Actually, when you think of the 'not-stitched-down-round-the-edge' ball.... If who ever purchases it really thinks it wants stitching down, then they can as part of 'finishing' it!
'Ivy Fence with Ball'

Another detail in the instructions had said to send something that would be recognised as yours. Well, I am not sure whether this is 'recognisable' or not. But I am happy with anyone thinking it is mine.

You can see more of the Unfini-sheds on their website.
I hope to get it in the post today.


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