Tuesday, 4 February 2014

"And the Bead Goes On and on..." different fabric bead for 2014

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I saw a different sort of fabric bead on the 31st December. It was in an article in the recent Threads magazine.

Basically it was something like a Suffolk puff - but the outer edge of the gathered fabric was turned to the inside and filled out the bead.

I thought it might make an interesting change from the fabric beads I made last year from fused fabric rolled round a knitting needle and stuck in place.

Well, I tried the puff and realised just making the little puffs would fill up the time I reserve for this project. It would be double that to then stitch beads onto it. So, I have been trying a few other ideas.

See the little puff?

All of these end up rather small - even for me! But I think I have found a suitable system. Having done several, I think I will go a bit larger for April when I do fabric beads again. but for February, I think I can stick it out.

Very cryptic I know, but come back Sunday and you will see what develops.

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