Saturday, 22 February 2014

CQ Banner Letters - L

This is the final letter I am sending off to be used in one of the new Contemporary Quilt Banners. These all are made in different ways because they will be samples of the wide variety of techniques Contemporary Quilters use.

I had thought to only send 3 letters and get back to the current project I am meant to be focussing on. However, when I realised that with just one more letter - an L, I would have the word 'Only'. I decided why not?

So, I had some white and black spotty fabric. They were bought with the idea of seeing how they would look using the technique I used for the Ramshackle houses. So, I thought okay, here is a chance to try it out on a small scale and see how it looks.

This is an L.

Slightly fiddley, but interesting.

and whilst doing it, I realised the technique would work for something else I am thinking about. So, I am glad I made the extra letter.

I stitched the letter to the black fabric using the blind hem stitch pattern on my machine. I often use that for stitching down applique, but usually at a smaller size. This time I wanted to give a little bit of a scallop look to the edge which sort of echoes the curves in the design.

I have enjoyed the exercise of making these letters. Maybe an idea for a weekly project in the future? You could do upper and lower case letters and it would take you through the year.

Like I need another project!

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