Thursday, 13 February 2014

February Journal Quilt - Welsh Ruins

I posted about the initial work on this scene the other day. As you can see it works well for a rainy day in just about any ruins in the UK!

After the blocking was done, I trimmed things a bit and added wadding and a backing. I discovered that in order to quilt it and not ruin the look of the embroidery, I had to work into the stitching with similar thread. So, a bit more free machine embroidery works as the quilting.

For the line which needs to go from one side to another, I hand stitched a line along at the bottom, slightly extending the 'ground'. And so we have the February Journal quilt complete...

before the end of Feb!

After all that time not being happy with this, I am glad I have reclaimed it. I really like it. I shall tell a Certain Young Man that I have first refusal if he doesn't want it.

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