Wednesday, 5 February 2014

ALAW - A-E -place

The new theme for letters on the blog A Letter A Week is Place.

I had ideas straight away. I thought I would use a Road Atlas from a few years ago. I think I got it at the 99p shop. I also thought it would be fun to cut the square from areas where common place names could be Airport, Castle, Moor, etc. So, when A Certain Young man was here earlier in the month, he helped me come up with an A to Z of those kind of places.

However, when I went to start, I realised the scale of the Road map was not close enough to be able to pick out those things. So, I had another think. and then got caught up with a couple deadlines.

Finally I decided to just go with finding a city, town or village which started with the letter. I was still thinking of common names and thought I would write them in some way. But I realised that other than the letter it would not have any connection.

I started finding the places in the map and decided that the majority of the places would have some connection with us. Unfortunately I had used the page with our town (and several other places, like where our son went to uni, I would have chosen. So, some of the places most strongly connected to us aren't represented. and for the ones I had to choose instead, the links are often tenuous. and some like J and Q had to be chosen from the limited list in the index. But, oh well! (yes, I do tend to overthink things!)

I used Word Art to print the letters using the font called Gill Sans Ultra Bold Condensed. I liked the bulkiness of that font to stand out against all the roads and other map detail. Then used the guide for tracing and cutting the letters from the square of map page. The negative is glued to one side of black card and the positive was glued to the reverse.

So, the letters for January.





I am leaving the inside bits out for this side.

and the reverse.

Now that I have a system, I hope to prepare the letter for the week on that week. Then I will post them at the end of each month.

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