Friday, 28 February 2014

And so it is Done!

Sorry about going incommunicado over here. I was working furiously on this (including the day I was trying to work through a bit of too much pain). Also, I am managing the New To Me Pattern Company Contest over on Pattern Review. So that is taking some time. However, I didn't want to post step by step development photos because someone I know is the Juror. I don't know if she reads this blog, but I didn't want her to be influenced for or against by seeing things here.

So, I will still just give another peek for now, and then when I hear about it later in March, I will show the whole thing.

That is what I showed you the other day, now part of the work. Guesses?

And although I feel like doing something random because I got it in before the deadline (okay. a few hours before the deadline) I might actually make a sleeve and put it on! Then I won't be doing it last minute if it is accepted or if I am sending it off to the Festival of Quilts.

Another reason why this is rather exciting. It means I have managed to keep up with my goals for this month!

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