Monday, 2 September 2013

Map no. 8 - Orange Street, Springfield

Pulling another one of my last minute sessions on Saturday, but I got the Journal Quilts caught up by the deadline.

 This map is about the place where I lived in my last 2 years at college. Orange Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. I lived with Joanne and her daughters Nicole and Misty...and Morris the cat. Joanne's parents Mr. and Mrs. Gentile lived downstairs. The last year I was there, my sister Debbie came to the same college and also lived with us.

For technique, this is my version of a map idea by Terry Aske in a recent issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. For mine I cut each 'block' of houses from a different plaid or stripe fabric and fused them into place over a street grid that was cut from a pale stripe fabric and fused onto calico. Just to highlight the idea of 'Orange Street' I covered the appliqued fabrics with orange satin stitch.

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