Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Brazilian fabric stall!

So, even 40 years ago this fabric stall in the market in Belem caught my eye.

another photo of a slide

Even though the sign is fuzzy, I have worked out - via Google (torturously because it only believes in Portuguese from Portugal) that the sign says something like.

Tecidos: barato aqui entre, Compre e ganhe milhões em prémios

Tissues: (like French for fabrics)
Cheap here (with the added meaning: between/among - more like within?),
buy and earn millions in prices (or premiums)

Oh yeah, Galinha dos Ovos de Ouro? The image is a clue. The Goose with the Golden Egg! of course.

I didn't know she did a line in fabric. Now there is an image for your imagination!

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